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Clearing the Air: 6 Common Myths About Thailand Elite Visa Program

The Thailand Elite Visa is a program that provides long-term visas with numerous entry privileges, faster immigration procedures, and other benefits to foreign nationals. There are myths about the program that need to be cleared. Here are some of them:

Myth 1: The Thailand Elite Visa grants permanent residence.

Fact: Thailand Elite Visa doesn’t grant Thai permanent residence. Whereas the program provides a visa lasting for up to 20 years, it does not provide permanent residency. Elite Visa holders must continue to adhere to immigration rules and regulations, as well as visa renewal requirements.

Myth 2: The Thailand Elite Visa is limited to wealthy individuals.

Fact: While the Thailand Elite Visa involves a substantial financial commitment, it is not limited to the wealthy. The program provides multiple tiers with varying levels of fees and perks. For instance, a five-year visa for the entry-level program costs 600,000 baht (about $17,500). This sum may be substantial for some, but it is not necessarily allotted to the wealthy.

Myth 3: The Thailand Elite Visa allows its members to work in Thailand.

Fact: The Thailand Elite Visa is a tourist visa and prohibits holders from working in Thailand. Elite Visa holders are nevertheless subject to Thai labor rules and regulations and are required to get a work permit to work in Thailand. The program is intended for retirees, investors, and those who have no intention of working in Thailand.

Myth 4: The Thailand Elite Visa is a fraud.

Fact: The Thailand Elite Visa is a legit program sanctioned by the Thai government. Since its founding in 2003, the program has given thousands of visas to foreign individuals. Like any other program, it is vital to do extensive research and engage with trustworthy agents and service providers. One of Thailand Elite’s top accredited sales and service agents is Hawryluk Legal Advisors. You can check the full list of accredited agents here.

Myth 5: The Thailand Elite Visa spares all immigration requirements for its holders.

Fact: Although the Thailand Elite Visa provides a variety of benefits, it does not exempt its holders from all immigration regulations. Elite Visa holders are nevertheless required to comply with Thai immigration rules and regulations, such as disclosing their address to immigration officials and securing permits for their dependents. Visa revocation and other penalties may be imposed for noncompliance with immigration procedures.

Myth 6: The Long Term Residence Visa, or LTR Visa, will replace the Thai Elite Visa.

Fact: The Thai government has made no formal announcement or indication that the LTR Visa would replace the Thailand Elite Visa. The Thailand Elite Visa is a different program that provides exclusive privileges and perks which is different from the benefits and requirements of the LTR Visa.

The Thailand Elite Visa program provides various benefits to foreign individuals desiring to reside in Thailand for an extended period. Yet, it is important to understand the program’s restrictions and requirements and to engage with reliable and accredited agents and service providers like Hawryluk Legal Advisors.

To know more about Thailand Elite Visa, please visit the FAQ page or open live chat to get immediate answers.



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