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Bangkok Bank Account Opening Guidelines for Thailand Elite Members

Bangkok Bank: Account Opening Guidelines for Thailand Elite Members 2023

Bangkok Bank is one of the largest commercial banks in Thailand, serving individuals and businesses with a wide range of financial services. For Thailand Elite members, Bangkok Bank offers a convenient and reliable option for opening a savings or foreign currency deposit (FCD) account. However, there are some specific guidelines that Thailand Elite members must follow to successfully open an account with Bangkok Bank.

Reservation Process

If you do not have an actual membership card, you need to make a reservation at least three working days in advance. During the reservation process, you will be required to provide the bank with the following information:

  • The date you would like to visit
  • The branch you would like to visit
  • The currency you would like to open the account in

Required Documents

To open a savings or FCD account with Bangkok Bank, you must provide the following documents:

  • Passport with a valid Elite Visa
  • Membership card or membership certificate letter
  • Thai contact number
  • Certified letter from Thailand Elite

Minimum Deposit

For a Thai savings account, the minimum deposit is 2,000 THB. However, for FCD accounts, there is no required minimum deposit. This provides greater flexibility for foreign currency deposits and withdrawals.

Debit and Credit Card Options For Thailand Elite Members

If you would like to apply for a debit card, the price of the card will be available upon request at the bank. For credit card applications, you must open a fixed account with a minimum deposit of 50,000 baht. This deposit serves as a guarantee for your credit card.

Bangkok Bank offers a reliable and convenient option for Thailand Elite members who are looking to open a savings or FCD account in Thailand. By following these guidelines and providing the necessary documents, Thailand Elite members can take advantage of the bank’s financial services with ease.




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