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The Thailand Privilege Card is a gateway to an exclusive lifestyle for its members, offering a plethora of benefits and privileges that encompass not just healthcare but also leisure, education, and workspace amenities. This comprehensive program ensures that members enjoy a blend of luxury, comfort, and convenience across Thailand.


Key Takeaways:

  • ✓ Privileges include golf course access and VIP experiences at concerts and Thai boxing events.
  • ✓ Members secure discounts on partner international schools and household support services.
  • ✓ Thailand Privilege Card holders enjoy special offers and discounts at malls, cooking classes, and leisure activities such as Thai boxing training, live event tickets, VIP movie seats, and dining experiences at partner bars and restaurants.
  • ✓ Redeem privilege points and gain access to co-working spaces.


Exclusive Access on Golf Courses In Thailand

Members can redeem Privilege Points for golf course access at partner golf and country clubs throughout Thailand, providing an unparalleled experience for golf enthusiasts.


Leisure and Entertainment Upgrades

Members are treated to an extensive array of leisure activities designed to enrich their lifestyle. This includes exclusive access to Thai boxing classes, where members can immerse themselves in the national sport of Thailand, learning from experienced trainers. Additionally, members receive VIP lounge Thai boxing tickets at prestigious events, ensuring an unforgettable experience of the local sports culture.

For music and film enthusiasts, the card offers access to concert tickets, including VIP experiences at major events, and offers from movie VIP seats at Major Cineplex. These privileges ensure that members enjoy the best of Thailand’s entertainment scene in comfort and style.


Premier Educational and Household Support Benefits

Understanding the importance of family, the Thailand Privilege Card extends its benefits to cover educational discounts for children at Panyaden International School and support services from Kiddu, a trusted provider for nanny and housekeeping services. These benefits highlight the card’s commitment to providing comprehensive support that caters to the well-being and convenience of members’ families.


Exclusive Shopping Discounts

Shopping in Thailand is elevated to a luxurious endeavor with the Thailand Privilege Card. Members enjoy special discounts at partner malls and department stores across Thailand, turning every shopping trip into an opportunity for savings on high-quality goods and exclusive brands. This privilege is perfect for those who seek the pleasure of retail therapy alongside the benefits of premium discounts.


Diverse and Engaging Activities and Workshops

To further enhance the living experience in Thailand, the card offers access to a variety of engaging activities and workshops. Among these is the Cooking Class at Thai Farm, where members can dive into the rich culinary traditions of Thailand, learning to prepare authentic Thai dishes in a picturesque farm setting. This unique experience not only enriches members’ culinary skills but also deepens their connection to Thai culture.


Exclusive Access to Co-working Spaces and Dining Experiences

The card’s privileges extend into professional and dining realms, offering free access to co-working spaces at Thailand Privilege City and The Great Room. For dining, members can enjoy complimentary VIP offers at high-end bars and restaurants, ensuring that every meal is an occasion to remember.




The Thailand Privilege Card redefines luxury living for its members, offering a broad and diverse array of benefits that cater to every aspect of a sophisticated lifestyle. From engaging in the local culture through sports and culinary classes to enjoying the comforts of premium shopping, entertainment, and dining experiences, this 5 to 20 year stay program opens doors to a world of exclusive privileges. Whether it’s for personal enrichment, family support, or simply indulging in the finer things in life, the Thailand Privilege Card ensures that its members can fully embrace the luxury and beauty of Thailand.