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Phuket Gains Popularity as a Holiday Choice for Russians

Published: Июнь 5, 2023 at 4:34 пп

Russian tourists in phuket beach

Phuket has welcomed 6 million travelers from January to May this year, with Russian tourists leading the pack.

Lertchai Wangtrakuldee, the Director of the Phuket Office of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), disclosed that among the international tourist influx from January through May, Russians emerged as the most frequent visitors. In addition, tourists from China, India, Australia, and Kazakhstan followed them. This hearty arrival of six million jet-setters brought an economic boost of at least 196 billion baht within this period.

As Phuket transitions into its green season – commonly known as the rainy season – a slight dip in international arrivals is expected. According to TAT forecasts, the low season may see fewer tourists from Europe, Scandinavia, and the Americas, yet a surge from nearby regions like India, the Middle East, and Taiwan.

During this off-peak period, more flights will be routed from Taiwan and Vietnam to Phuket, Wangtrakuldee confirmed. Alongside this, an encouraging rise in Kazakh tourists has been observed, mainly due to the direct flights facilitated by airlines such as Air Astana, connecting Almaty to Phuket.

“The influx of Kazakh visitors soared from 12,000 between January and April last year to over 66,000 during the exact period this year,” Wangtrakuldee noted. In line with this trend, TAT plans to collaborate with Phuket’s hospitality sector to orchestrate roadshows in Central Asia to entice more tourists to the island.

Eyes are set on a lofty goal for 2023 as Phuket aspires to host 12 million visitors, a significant leap from the 9 million recorded in 2022. As a result, the TAT Phuket Office is all set to roll out promotional campaigns to attract more tourists.

Phuket aims to celebrate its diversity with a Pride Month event scheduled for Sunday at the Central Phuket retail mall. The goal of this initiative, which the Tourism Authority of Thailand office in Phuket and private stakeholders organized, is to highlight the island’s reputation as a welcoming place for the LGBTQ+ community.

Additionally, Phuket has planned to host a series of international water sports competitions during the off-season, adding to the region’s vibrancy.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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