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TAT’s Strategic Plan: Drawing 2 Million Russian Tourists In 2024

Published: Июль 26, 2023 at 4:43 пп

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The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) hopes to attract 2 million Russian visitors in 2024, a new record for the market, caused by a surge in flights and Thailand’s neutral stance regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Khanittha Phanworawat, director of TAT’s Moscow office, stated that if Thailand keeps its image among Russian tourists as a hospitable country, it will be possible to accomplish the goal, especially if other nations continue their sanctions against Russia.

Before the conflict with Ukraine, Russian visitors usually spent time in Europe during the summer holiday, but currently, they visit Thailand year-round, not just during the peak season, according to Ms. Khanittha.

She stated that Thailand stays the top destination for Russians, the majority of whom are in the high-spending, with an extended-stay segment.

Thailand has welcomed over 840,000 Russian tourists since the beginning of the year, placing it among the top five countries. Ms. Khanittha stated that the total might reach 1.3 million or equal to the 1.48 million recorded in 2019.

During this year’s hot period, the resumption of flights between Thailand and Europe, including Russia, is estimated to have attained approximately 70% of the level recorded in 2019. Siripakorn Cheawsamoot, TAT’s deputy governor for Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas, predicts it will increase even during the forthcoming high (cold) season.

According to the Federal Border Guard Service of Russia and the Immigration Bureau of Thailand, Thailand placed among the top five outbound destinations for Russians in 2022, with 435,000 travelers arriving.

Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt had the highest number of Russian visitors, with approximately 3.7 million, 900,000, and 760,000 tourists.

However, obstacles remain, including the inability of Russian airlines to provide direct flights due to a lack of aircraft.

According to Ms. Khanittha, the economic restrictions against Russia have impacted the aviation insurance for Russian aircraft and, consequently, the efforts of airlines to broaden their services.

Because they prefer to focus on short-haul flights, numerous Thai airlines cannot help cover the gap.

TAT will concentrate on increasing tourism demand via new market segments. A larger market size would inspire more airlines to expand their routes between Thailand and Russia if the market were to grow.

Major segments include beach-loving leisure travelers, those seeking adventure travel, health and wellness tourists, and newlyweds.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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