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Wellness Tourism In Thailand Gets A Lift With A 5-Year Plan for Thai Medicine

Published: Июнь 13, 2023 at 5:48 пп

Thailand is developing plans to renew its traditional wellness industry. Government spokesperson Anucha Burapachaisri recently announced a five-year plan from the Public Health Ministry. Their goal is to make Thailand a top choice for wellness tourism. Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha supports this plan, which uses Thailand’s history of traditional medicine and natural therapies. The hope is to improve the country’s economy while promoting health and well-being.

The five-year plan, from 2023 to 2027, aims to enhance traditional local therapies and herbal medicine, making them a more vital part of Thailand’s healthcare system. The strategy includes improving health security and preserving native medicinal knowledge, making wellness tourism more attractive. This effort could draw in more high-income long-term visitors interested in experiencing the health advantages of Thailand’s traditional wellness methods.

The plan focuses on three main objectives:

* Creation of Tailored Treatment Programs: The plan aims to develop unique treatments for people dealing with problems like sleep disorders, chronic pain, and substance addiction. These treatments will be based on traditional Thai medicine.

* Improving Herbal Medicine Quality: The government wants to ensure all herbal medicine makers follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards to improve healthcare quality. So far, 45 of 61 public hospitals producing herbal medicines meet GMP standards, and seven more are improving their practices.

* Establishing Accredited Wellness Centers: To further boost Thailand’s appeal as a wellness destination, the plan envisages the creation of additional wellness centers. There are presently 570 such facilities, of which 160 have already received certification under this scheme.

Beyond these immediate objectives, the 5-year program sets higher aspirations:

* Increasing the number of people using herbal medicine for minor health conditions from 1.48% to a staggering 15%

* Boosting the percentage of individuals seeking treatment from traditional medicine practitioners from 4.58% to 20%

* Raising the annual consumption of medicinal herbs in Thailand to a value of 90 billion baht by 2027

Officials are confident that the plan will increase local knowledge and foreign tourists’ confidence in Thai wellness tourism.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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