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Unlocking Wellness: Healthcare Perks You Get with the Thailand Privilege Card

For many, Thailand is globally known for its culture, landscapes, and warm hospitality. But for foreign residents, especially those seeking long-term stays, access to quality healthcare is a top priority. Thankfully, the Thailand Privilege Card offers a solution by unlocking healthcare perks that go beyond basic coverage. Discover how this visa program prioritizes your well-being in the Land of Smiles.

Key Takeaways:

    • Having Thailand Privilege Card gets you straight to top-notch hospitals with expert doctors.
    • Members can get free checkup and cleaning services from top dental clinics.
    • Members can hit the gym for less or even get some work done in co-working space.
    • Thailand Privilege members can indulge in luxurious spa treatments or rejuvenate with traditional Thai massages.
    • Specific perks and discounts vary depending on the chosen tier.

Smoother Access to Top-Tier Medical Services

As a Privilege Card holder, you benefit from exclusive access to private hospitals renowned for their expertise and advanced technology. Partner hospitals across Thailand boast internationally qualified doctors, multilingual staff, and comfortable settings, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Using your membership privilege points, you can get health check-ups at known hospitals such as Bangkok Hospital, Medpark Hospital, Bumrungrad International Hospital, and more across Thailand. 

Aside from health checkups, Thailand Privilege holders can get access to medical services such as the colon hydrotherapy program, ozone therapy program, and access to the QRS Pelvi center at Panacee Medical Center. 


Dental Checkups

The Thailand Privilege Card streamlines this process by offering priority appointments with renowned dental specialists. Using your membership privilege points, you can redeem dental programs for you and your family, such as dental checkups, scaling and polishing, fluoride coating, and oral cavity examination at partner dental clinics and hospitals. 


Exclusive Discount and Access To Wellness Centers

Thailand Privilege Card holders can get access to top wellness and beauty facilities across Thailand.  As a member, you can get up to 30% discount on selected laser, vitamin dip, and surgery at Dermaster. Members can also use their privilege points to get services such as cryotherapy, energy booster, antioxidants booster, brain peptide, beauti-fuel, ultra wellness, detox formular, ozone therapy, and Weber laser therapy at V Precision Clinic.


Wellness Benefits Beyond Traditional Medicine

Thailand Privilege Card recognizes that true well-being extends beyond conventional medicine. It offers access to a range of complementary and alternative therapies, including traditional Thai massage, acupuncture, and yoga sessions. These holistic approaches can help manage stress, improve sleep, and boost your overall well-being.

Members can avail discounts on partner spas across the country, such as Thai massage, foot massage, aroma massage, spa packages, and facial treatments.


Beyond Healthcare: Discounts on Lifestyle Activities

The Privilege Card expands its focus beyond medical care by offering discounts on wellness and lifestyle activities that contribute to overall well-being. Enjoy exclusive deals on gym memberships and fitness classes. Members can get a one-day gym pass at The Standard and a one-time daily or free one-month membership at Fitness First.

Members can also get multiple 1-day access to the Thailand Privilege City Lounge and co-working space at Siam Paragon.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Privilege Card

Investing in your health is an investment in your life. The Thailand Privilege Card empowers you to do just that. By strategically utilizing its diverse healthcare perks, you gain access to top-tier facilities, specialist consultations, and preventive care, while enjoying discounts and valuable services. Remember, consult us to fully understand the specific inclusions and exclusions of your chosen tier. Click here to learn more about Thailand Privilege membership tiers.

Start your journey worry-free in the Land of Smiles with the Thailand Privilege Card.


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