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Phuket Tourist

11 Things You Should Know About Thai Culture

Despite Thailand’s global popularity as a tourist destination, even those who have visited the country on more than one occasion often find themselves fascinated by Thai culture. It is quite different from Western culture that many visitors are accustomed to, from gesture, respectful address or greetings. The religion is quite unique and it is something that Thais take a lot of pride in pointing out. Family is the centerpiece of this culture, and status gained through family or profession is important. Respect is taken seriously and embarrassment is not easy to overcome.

Key Takeaways:

  • In Thai culture, status is very important and this includes everything such as age, family, job type, education and income level.
  • Respect is one of the most important things in Thai culture and when you disrespect someone, it can cause you to be violent attacked.
  • In Thai culture, when a person says yes they might mean no, they just don’t want to let someone down.

“Family almost always comes first in Thailand, with a much greater emphasis placed on the extended family than it typically is in western countries.”

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