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How to Obtain the Right Visa to Study Muay Thai in Thailand

Have you always wanted to learn Muay Thai? It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to learn it to compete in the Mixed Martial arts championships, or if you want to just get into shape while learning how to defend yourself. Muay Thai is a great martial art to build a foundation in.

Now, Thailand is the best country to study the martial in because this is where its roots dug themselves into the ground. There are a number of gyms throughout the Kingdom that specializes in training locals and foreigners alike in this highly lethal martial art.

But first thing first though – what paperwork do you need in order to study Muay Thai in Thailand?

Do You Need a Student Visa to Study Muay Thai?

No, you actually do not. Muay Thai training is generally considered as a recreational activity on your part while you’re staying in Thailand as a tourist. Thus, your entry tourist visa should be enough to get you to study Muay Thai for at least 30 days while you’re in the Kingdom.

You already know that you can extend your stay to up to 90 days with your tourist visa alone. You just need to do the prerequisite government processes to get to stay up to 3 months in Thailand. When that 90-day period is up, however, you will need to exit the country and do visa runs to satisfy the visa requirements.

If you don’t, you’re overstaying. If the authorities catch you with an expired visa, you can expect to be deported AND blacklisted. You may not enter Thailand for at least 5 years or even 10 years depending on how long you’ve been overstaying in the country.

However, if you’re also planning to take a month-long educational course while also studying Muay Thai with your tourist visa, you will need to apply for a student visa. You only need to get an endorsement from the school where you want to study, together with other documents, to obtain said visa from the Thai government.

With a student visa, you can stay up to one year in the country before you have to renew your visa and come back to Thailand to continue your studies.

Get a Thailand Elite Visa!

If you only want to study Muay Thai in Thailand with a tourist visa, then a Thailand Elite membership will put you in good stead. It has all the benefits that you need in order to make your stay in Thailand as a tourist truly enjoyable and unforgettable.

One advantage is that your visa will have 5 years of validity. Plus, you get to enjoy the 1-year stay benefit that you can get out of a student or work visa. You can actually save a lot of money out of this investment in the program. This is money that you would otherwise have to spend renewing your visa, and doing the visa runs.

Another advantage is that you can access the best out of Thailand’s healthcare system as a member. Because you’re staying more than a year in Thailand at a time as is your privilege, you are eligible for an annual checkup from one of Thailand’s best doctors.

This and other advantages of Thailand Elite make enrollment into the program worth the money you invest in it. If you’re interested, feel free to contact us now through our email, our social media channels or our telephone numbers.


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