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Introducing Thailand Privilege Card – Diamond Membership

With the 20-year membership only available via invitation, the 15-year Diamond Membership offers the highest validity period. Many expats and retirees will find this option very enticing, given that it allows them to stay in Thailand the longest out of all the available membership choices.

This membership costs 2.5 million THB but grants the holder three 5-year multiple entry, renewable visas, and the highest privilege points. The value of the privileges that can be obtained with 55 points per year is tremendous.  Whether you’d like early bird tickets at concerts, chances to attend networking events or even free domestic flights, the world’s your oyster. Alongside this, members also get access to core benefits, such as premium lanes for immigration fast-tracking, your very own Personal Elite Assistant, annual health checks, wealth advisory sessions, and free movie tickets.

However, you must be wondering where to begin. The application has four requirements: an application form, a duly signed PDPA form, a photocopy of your passport, and a passport-sized (color) photograph of yourself.

After completing all required documents, an evaluation will be conducted through a background check. Upon success, you will be issued an invoice and letter of approval, with a payment deadline of 30 days. Five to ten business days after receiving the payment, Thailand Privilege Card will issue your membership ID and a welcome letter. You now have the power to affix this new visa to your passport.

Affixations can be accomplished at Thai international airports, the Thai Embassy (if overseas), or the Thai Immigration Office on Chaeng Wattana Road in Bangkok (if in Thailand).

Considering the time required to become an official member of Thailand Privilege, the government-delegated provider has disclosed that the current processing timeframe is anticipated to be considerably shorter. The turnover period for previous membership applications was typically one to three months, with a background check requiring four to six weeks. However, Thailand Privilege Card Company Ltd. has indicated that processing times are expected to be reduced. Fortunately, payment is only necessary once the background check determines your qualifications.

Interested parties may apply. We recommend you consider Hawryluk Legal Advisors as your primary general sales and services agent (GSSA).  There are no fees for a membership application through us until 31st December 2023.

Please get in touch with us for inquiries about the 15-year Diamond membership package. Our team of experienced immigration lawyers will be pleased to extend aid and a complimentary consultation session in which they can further assist you.


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