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Introducing the Thailand Privilege Card – Platinum Membership

Thailand Privilege Card Company Ltd. has unveiled the Thailand Privilege 10-Year Platinum Membership, granting its members various privileges and benefits. This makes it an appealing option for those wishing to experience and spend more time in Thailand.

What’s Included in the 10-Year Platinum Membership?

Members who purchase a 10-year Platinum Membership for 1.5 million baht are granted at least two 5-year multiple entry visas.  These visas are renewed once, enabling members to remain in Thailand for 10 years. In addition to being issued multiple-entry visas, members are given a one-year residence permit upon each arrival. This permits members to choose their flights in and out of Thailand.

Platinum membership also entitles you to a variety of privileges. Members can book private jets, adding an extra luxury travel experience.

Additionally, the 10-Year Platinum Membership comprises a variety of essential privileges. Access to premium fast-tracking immigration lanes and airports, an Elite personal assistant, yearly health examinations, benefits at premium lounges and shops, birthday gifts, restaurant discounts, and much more are among these perks. The purpose of these privileges is to enrich your vacation in Thailand and guarantee unforgettable memories.

How to Apply for the Thailand Privilege 10-Year Platinum Membership

Interested applicants for the 10-year Platinum membership must fill out an application and sign a PDPA form. Additionally, a passport photocopy and a color self-portrait in the size of the passport will be required. The signatures on these documents and the passport must be identical.

Following the submission of the application and supporting documents, a background check will be undertaken. The applicant will get an approval letter and an invoice with payment instructions if the background check is complete. Within five to ten days of the successful completion of payment, the applicant will be furnished with a membership ID and a welcome letter. If the applicant is already in Thailand, this membership ID is a golden ticket that can be attached to the passport at any Thai airport, the Thai Embassy overseas, or the Chang Wata immigration office in Bangkok.

Before this change, applicants for the Thailand Privilege Card had to wait between one and three months, as the background check alone took an estimated four to six weeks. Thailand Privilege now assures that the process will be expedited with the introduction of the 10-Year Platinum Membership.

Apply Through Hawryluk Legal Advisors

It is advisable to apply for the 10-Year Platinum Membership via Hawryluk Legal Advisors, who act as a GSSA agent.  Hawryluk Legal Advisors will process Thailand Privilege Card applications for FREE until December 31, 2023. 

Starting January 1, 2024, Thailand Privilege Card Co. Ltd. will charge applicants a non-refundable fee of 50,000 Thai baht, which will be deducted from the membership fee upon approval.

Contact our team for assistance if you have any inquiries or concerns regarding the 10-Year Platinum Membership or the application process. We provide complimentary consultation and support for anything related to the Thailand Privilege Card.

Make the most of the amazing privileges and benefits offered by the 10-Year Platinum Membership and experience Thailand like never before.


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