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Introducing the Thailand Privilege Card – Gold Membership

If you’re looking for an accessible and cost-effective membership, the Thailand Privileges Gold Membership is your ideal choice.

An Accessible Luxury

At an attractive price of 900,000 Thai Baht, the Thailand Privilege Card Gold Membership is the most budget-friendly membership. This cost-effective option maintains its high standard, providing an array of exclusive privileges and benefits intended to elevate your lifestyle while in Thailand.

Elite Privileges

As a Gold member, enjoy the luxury of a 5-year multiple entry visa, granting you the freedom to stay in Thailand for up to one year per entry. Moreover, indulge in 20 privilege points annually, redeemable for various indulgences like complimentary movie tickets and exclusive yacht rental opportunities.

Additional privileges are granted! Gold members can access select airport areas, including fast-track VIP service, an assigned Elite personal assistant, VIP premium lounge privileges, annual health examinations, exclusive shopping experiences, and enlightening wealth advisory seminars.

Easy Application Process

Application for Gold Membership is effortless. Just submit an application form, a passport-sized color photo, a signed PDPA form, and a color copy of your passport. A background check with the appropriate officials verifies your eligibility following submission. Receive an invoice and letter of approval with a 30-day payment period following approval. Membership identification and a greeting letter will be issued within five to ten days. You may obtain them at any Thai international airport or the nearest Royal Thai Embassy. 

Expedited Processing

Before, Thailand Elite memberships required 1 to 3 months for issuance, with an additional 4 to 6 weeks for background checks. The new Thailand Privilege guarantees a significantly expedited process for your convenience.

Worry-Free Application

Rest assured that payment is required only after approval. Consult with Hawryluk Legal Advisors as your application consultant to ensure a seamless process. They provide complimentary services, such as application evaluations, in their capacity as a GSSA. By selecting Hawryluk Legal Advisors, you simplify your procedure and gain access to various exclusive privileges.

We also offer membership options for individuals wanting to extend their stay in Thailand for 10 or 15 years. Contact us today for further inquiries or to submit your Thailand Privilege Gold membership application online.


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