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Travel Made Easier: Phuket and Phangnga Connected by New Road

Published: June 8, 2023 at 8:25 pm

Na Klang-Ao Jik road

The Department of Rural Roads (DRR) has announced the completion of the Na Klang-Ao Jik road, marking a milestone in strengthening the connectivity between Phuket and Phangnga. This new road is a part of Thailand’s ongoing city expansion efforts, which will boost tourism and interprovincial transportation.

In an official announcement on Wednesday, the DRR Director-General, Apirat Chaiwongnoi, shared that approximately 282.8 million baht has been invested in this 4.2-kilometer roadway, centered in the Thai Muang district of Phangnga.

Along with efficient traffic management, attention to pedestrian safety has also been considered. The well-lit roadway is complemented by 3.5-meter-wide walkways on both sides. The road is outfitted with a comprehensive drainage system, lamp posts, and traffic indicators, enhancing utility and safety.

The Na Klang-Ao Jik road, also known as the 1042 rural road, is now the latest road linking Phangnga to Phuket. While its total traffic capacity is yet to be determined, it’s projected that tourists flying into Phuket will use this route extensively to access Phangnga’s enticing attractions, such as Na Tai Beach and Khao Pilai Beach.

Chaiwongnoi envisions the completion of this project will have a positive impact on the local economy, tourism, and interprovincial transportation. The road’s inauguration is aligned with the recent surge in visitors to Phangnga, an increase of 41.65% in the past year, which brought an impressive 546,475 tourists to the province in 2022. Tourism contributed approximately 2.7 billion baht to the local economy.

Furthermore, the latest figures from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports reveal an optimistic tourism scenario in the southern province of Chumphon. The region welcomed nearly half a million visitors in the first four months of this year alone, a whopping 60.68% increase compared to the same period last year. This tourism boom translated into a revenue of 1.2 billion baht, a 20% increase over the previous year.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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