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Chiang Mai Thailand cooking class

Studying in Thailand – What Courses Are There?

Thailand is home to a number of reputable educational institutions, all of which are known for their world-class instruction and internationally-recognized courses. If you’re looking to study in an internationally-compliant school in preparation for an international career, then you’re looking at the right country.

To recap, if you’re going to study in Thailand for more than 30 days, you will need to obtain a non-immigrant visa intended for students. Read up here on the details and requirements on applying for a student visa to study in the Kingdom.

Now that’s behind us, let’s take a look now at what courses you can take in Thailand. These three courses we will discuss below are sure to prepare you for a world-spanning work experience. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Pan Asian Culinary Training at The Chef School

If you’re interested in becoming a world-class chef, this is the course for you to enroll in. It’s offered by The Chef School, an Education Ministry recognized institution located in Bangkok.

Enrollees get to learn the vagaries of the cuisine of several Asian countries. These nations include Thailand itself, as well as its neighbors China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Learning all these will arm you with an impressive arsenal of recipes and skills that are sure to attract the attention of hotels, restaurants and cruise ships all over the world.

Courses are as short as 6 weeks, but you can opt for a 6-month internship with a known hotel in Bangkok.

English Language Courses Specific to Hospitality and Tourism Industry

This course will teach you the nuances of the English language as it is to be used within the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

Taught by the David Game Management School, this course will boost your English mastery and prepare you for a truly international career in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry in Thailand, one of the world’s top destinations for tourism.

Created specifically for professionals who would like to forge a niche in the Thai hospitality and tourism industry, the course can be taken full time or part time. Successful participants will receive an internationally recognized Certification by the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH), UK.

Sasin Senior Executive Program

The Sasin Senior Executive Program by the Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration aims to arm senior executives with the knowledge to navigate through today’s volatile business world by grounding him or her with the functional disciplines of Business Management

This is a three-week, stay in program that touches on six topics vital to today’s business landscape, namely:

  • Global Economic Environment
  • Competitive Marketing Strategies and Global Markets
  • Leadership and Organizational Change
  • Leading Innovation
  • Corporate Financial Decisions
  • Strategic Management

The course features a hybrid of the traditional and modern teaching methods, as well as the opportunity to study actual cases and ponder scenarios that your company might as well be facing in the future.

These are just three of the educational courses that you might want to consider in Thailand. There are a myriad of others, all catering to specific interests and all levels of learning.


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