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Barai Spa

Thailand’s Exceptional Spa and Massage Parlors

When you’ve gone through a long journey across the world, your body will naturally feel sore and tired. Upon arrival in the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand, you will want to untie those knots that make your muscles hurt.

Spa and massage services are definitely on top of every tourist’s list of activities to partake in when they first set their feet on Thailand. Someone who’s travelled halfway across the globe will want to find only the best there is, so we’ve compiled a list of the top massage and spa parlors all over Thailand.

Myth Massage

Located in the capital Bangkok, the Myth Massage is one of those few places where the old and the new come together. Nestled deep in the metropolis, the Myth Massage is a rustic oasis with its traditional décor and communal massage area.

This parlor makes use of traditional Thai massage techniques derived directly from the masseuse and masseurs in the Wat Pho temple. The temple is considered as the birth place of Thai massage, so you know that what you’re experiencing is indeed Traditional Thai massage.

Once you’re done, you might want to drop by the fortune teller and see what she can say about your tomorrow.

Zira Spa

Zira Spa is another parlor when you experience another form of Thai traditional massage. Located in Chiang Mai, Zira Spa mainly uses Lanna-style massage. This style has survived for many generations, and has been inherited by the masseuse, masseurs and operators of the Zira Spa.

Would you like a mineral bath to go along with your massage? Zira Spa has that for you. Feeling reinvigorated after your massage? Top that off with a cup of the spa’s proprietary fragrant tea.

The Zira Spa, despite its ages-old massage technique, features some of the most modern amenities and interior design.

Aqua Spa

Let’s go on over to the island of Phuket, one of Thailand’s biggest and most popular island destinations. What is the best spa and massage parlor you can find? It’s the Aqua Spa, located in the city of Patong in the province.

As its name suggests, the Spa follows a unique approach towards achieving total relaxation. As you lie down in your massage bed and close your eyes, you can hear clearly the sound of flowing water from the various pools surrounding the massage pods. This has a therapeutic effect that allows you to normalize your energy flow, which is then complicated by the massage.

Barai Spa

Nestled behind the Hyatt Regency Hua Hin, Barai Spa is more than just the epitome of relaxation and wellness. The interior design and the upholstery all reeks of royalty, with all the pampering that royals deserve.

Designed after the ancient Khmer Aquifers, the Barai Spa is best suited to provide a truly luxurious experience to somebody looking for more than just an ordinary massage.

Don’t forget to book a spa and massage service as soon as you step down from the plane. It will relax your body, preparing you for the many days of fun and frolic ahead.



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