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Thailand’s history, culture and traditions

Many of those who visit Thailand do so in order to visit beaches and resorts, perhaps enjoy the club scene and relax by the ocean. However, Thailand has a rich history, culture and spirituality and to miss that is really a shame. The country is capable of capturing all your senses. History is rich in ethnic influence from Khmer regions and southern China, topped by European colonizers influences in later centuries. Buddhism is being practice for almost two millennia, and you will find the roots for Thai’s hospitality and friendliness in their religious beliefs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rama I overthrew Phraya Taksin, established Bangkok as the capital, and started a dynasty.
  • Buddhism is the dominant religion in the country and monks are widely respected.
  • Popular tourist attractions include the island of Phi Phi and the “Bridge over the River Kwai” at Kanchanaburi.

“Towards the end of that period, several small states in the Mekong River Valley united to create the Thai kingdom.”

Read more: https://www.saga.co.uk/magazine/travel/destinations/asia/thailand/thailand-history-and-culture


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