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Best Value for Money

The Thailand Elite: The Best Value for Money

As a savvy investor, you will want to know where your money goes to. You will also want to think about where you can put your money from which you can get the best value.

Truly, the Thailand Elite program is an investment you and other frequent visitors to the Kingdom will want to consider. We can say without doubt it is one of the best – if not the best – venues for you to put your money into in anticipation of a great return.

Types of Membership in Thailand Elite

The Thailand Elite membership is categorized into three “cards,” each with their own perks for the holder. The first one is the Elite Easy Access membership. As a holder of an Elite Easy Access card and visa, you get to enjoy the following privileges:

  • Arrival and departure benefits, including limousine transfers to and from hotel, airport assistance and escorts, accelerated immigration processing, and personal assistance in processing tasks like driver’s license, bank account and the mandatory 90-day reporting to government.
  • Members-only discounts in establishments like King Power Duty Free shops, as well as selected restaurants, hotels, department stores and shopping malls.

The second type of membership is the Elite Privilege Access membership. This has all the perks of the Elite Easy Access card, with the addition of an annual health check in one of the participating hospitals in Thailand. If you’re planning to retire in Thailand, this type of membership is ideal for you, with nothing but the best healthcare in the Kingdom on offer.

Last but not the least is the Elite Family Alternative Membership. This card is a version of the Elite Easy Access membership that allows you to extend the benefits to your family instead of just you as a member. This is ideal for families who like to spend months in Thailand for a holiday, as well as for those who plan to migrate to the Kingdom for good.

Why is Thailand Elite Worth the Price You Pay?

There are other perks to being a member of Thailand Elite, and of these is the long-term validity of your visa. Members hold multiple entry visas that are valid for five years. Unlike ordinary tourist visas that only allow you up to 90 days per stay, The Thailand Elite visa allows you to stay for up to a year without having to satisfy exit requirements.

Your membership is also good for 10 years before renewal is necessary. Combined with the year-long stay per entry and the 5-year visa validity, membership for you means money saved in government processes.

Perhaps the best perk that justifies membership in the program is the unparalleled experience you or your family can get. You get the opportunity to truly live like one of the Elite, from personal assistants ready to help you with your needs and exclusive immigration lounges that speed up the arrival and departure process, to luxury transport from the airport and to your hotel, and vice versa.

Would you like to know more about the program? Find out more by browsing our website or by directly contacting us through our phone number, our email address or our social media channels.


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