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Why Villas Are Better Than Hotels

Gone are the days when hotels are the go-to establishments for people when it comes to their holiday accommodation.

If you’re staying in an urban area like Bangkok, it would, of course, make sense to check in to a room in a hotel. Villas are not numerous in the cities. But, if you’re going to island paradises like Phuket and Koh Samui, you’re better off staying in a villa than in a five-star hotel!

There are many reasons behind the popularity of villa accommodation in holiday destinations. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Dedicated Service Staff

How would you feel if you got a whole team of staff just waiting on you, the entire duration of your holiday? You’ll know that these people are ready to serve you at quick notice, whether you need to have an errand run, or breakfast prepared for yourself and your companions.

The dedicated service staff is the number 1 reason why villas now very popular among tourists. Service is near instantaneous. If you need food cooked, it can be ready in at most half an hour or even less. That’s because the staff has no one else to serve but you, as opposed to a luxury hotel where there are hundreds of rooms to serve.

Unparalleled Privacy

In a hotel, the only places you’ll enjoy some privacy is your room. However, if you’re booked to a room that you’re sharing with a couple of friends or families, that extent of your privacy is further reduced. When you venture out to public places like the lobby, the in-house bar or the gym, you’ll be sharing the space with many other people.

When you and your friends stay in a villa, you get a whole building or even the whole complex to yourselves. You get to enjoy the amenities as you see fit. You can swim in the pool without worrying about strangers suddenly joining in, for instance.

This penchant for accommodating groups is what will bring us to the next advantage that villas enjoy over hotels, and that is…

The Relatively Inexpensive Rates

Since the first time they stepped into the hospitality scene, villas have endeared themselves to large groups of travelers because of their cost-effective nature. In a nutshell, you’ll be spending the equivalent of the most luxurious room in a hotel when you and your friends rent an entire villa to yourself!

Holidaymakers especially love how economic a villa is. If you’re traveling in a large group, you bring down your individual expenses even further as you pitch in for the accommodation. That leaves a huge part of your budget that you can use for activities, and for partying!

The benefits of a villa accommodation are best experienced rather than talked about, of course. Phuket, for instance, is home to a large number of villa properties that are up for rent. Take a look around, and you’ll definitely find one that suits your liking, and your prospective companions’ preferences as well.

Most of these villas are situated by the sea, which is another feather in their cap!


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