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Yacht Cruising in Phuket

10 Luxury Ideas to Enjoy in Phuket

When you’re in Phuket, you should enjoy all that you can get your hands on to. Fortunately, there are plenty of luxury ideas that you can choose from while you’re on holiday in Thailand’s largest island paradise.

This year, not much of these activities could be available to you because, as circumstances warrant, tourists will be limited to what the authorities call “villa quarantine.” Because of the COVID pandemic, the government has to restrict the movement of both tourists and locals alike to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus while slowly reopening tourism in Phuket

.Once the COVID scare is over, and the world is considered COVID free, then virtually of these 10 luxury ideas will be back in force in Phuket.

Spa Treatment

There’s no better way to relax than to go on a holiday, and there’s no better way to relax while on a holiday than by going to a spa. Spa treatment lets your muscles relax, taking away with it whatever stress that has been bothering you at home. This is no doubt the best to way to start a holiday!

Yacht Cruise

The picturesque waters of the Andaman Sea is more than just eye candy. You can actually take a luxury cruise aboard a yacht and travel to the middle of the bay itself with friends. You can sunbathe on the deck, have some beers, or do some serious fishing – there’s some serious game in these waters, including the blue and black marlins.

Learn to Cook

Being able to cook is one thing, but learning how to do so like a chef is another! Of course, there are several culinary schools in Thailand that offer short-term cooking classes to tourists like the Blue Elephant. This is your chance to cultivate a new skill or talent while you’re on holiday in Phuket, in Thailand.

Parasailing and Gyrocopter Riding

The world is a different place to look at when you see it from above. It’s like acquiring a perspective you didn’t know you had before! You can either do parasailing, or you can choose to ride a gyrocopter. Better yet, you can take flying lessons so you can fly solo on a gyrocopter the next time you’re in Phuket.

Play Golf

Golf is the sport of gentlemen and, these days, ladies as well. Truly a sport of the elite, there are a number of golf clubs all around Phuket that you can play in while you’re on holiday in Thailand. Better yet, your membership in Thailand Elite comes with exclusive perks when the game is one of the program’s participating clubs.

Party Nights

Tourists as well as businessmen looking to invest in the Phuket real estate market all look forward to one thing – partying! In the days before the pandemic, Phuket’s night club scene was the most vibrant in Thailand, if not the world itself. There are plenty of clubs and shows to go around in.

Learn Muay Thai

There’s no doubt that Tony Jaa’s movies have jump started interest in Thailand’s native martial art, the Muay Thai. There are various gyms where you can learn the art in Phuket, including Muay Thai Hero and the Rattachai Muay Thai Gyms.

Road Tripping

Phuket is a sizable “island.” It actually covers 543 square kilometers or roughly 200 square miles. It’s the perfect place to go on a road trip with friends, whether on a sports car, or a rented motorbike. Just make sure to ride safe, and road tripping in Phuket will truly be unforgettable.

Relaxing on a Jacuzzi While Having a BBQ

One of the advantages of renting a villa instead of a hotel room is that you can have a party on the villa’s property itself. Most villas come with a roof deck where you can have a barbecue, a private swimming pool and a Jacuzzi.

Property Hunting

Last but not the least, you might want to think about property hunting in Phuket. Retiring is one of the reasons tourists go to Phuket, and looking for a place to stay once you’re an expat is one of the best things to do early.

See you soon in Phuket. Don’t forget to check out the Thailand Elite visa program – this is the best project the government of Thailand has formulated for its foreign visitors.


Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay


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