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Thailand Healthcare System

The Strength of Thailand’s Healthcare System

There are many reasons why foreign expatriates want to travel to Thailand. Some of these reasons include: to tour as much of the country as they could, to retire in Thailand, and, in some cases, to settle down and find love with a local spouse.

Leisure tourism is definitely one of Thailand’s strengths. However, Thailand is also a top destination in the global medical tourism. This is a type of tourism in which people come over to a country in order to experience the offerings of its healthcare system. Some people come to Thailand, for instance, to undertake cancer treatment instead of their home country.

In fact, the healthcare system of the Kingdom is one of the top reasons why you should sign up for Thailand Elite. Let’s see what the strengths of Thailand’s healthcare system are and why the country is a top destination for medical tourism.

Thailand is one of the Countries to Achieve Universal Healthcare 

Universal healthcare is a feat that’s quite difficult to achieve from an administrative and strategic level. However, Thailand has succeeded, after years of non-stop strategic investing from successive administrations, in achieving a healthcare system that’s universal.

One of the current source of funds for Universal Health Care is the sin tax, but the strength of today’s system is a result of infrastructure investments that were initiated in the 1970s. In other words, Thailand has long experience in amassing and managing funds and in making use of those resources to achieve the desired effect that the country’s citizens are enjoying now.

Thus, the country is able to provide quality healthcare services to anyone who is within its borders, including foreign expatriates.

The Private Hospitals Are Some of the Best in the World

Much of Thailand’s good reputation as a healthcare destination is because of the privately owned hospitals. Because Thailand is a foreigner-friendly country, these hospitals invest largely in their workforce.

For example, majority of their doctors are accredited and trained in Western schools in medicine. This ensures that they are able to provide healthcare that are compatible with international standards, and also makes sure that the communication barrier is neutralized when providing services to foreign expatriates.

Most of the Medical Practitioners in Thailand Are Specialists

To some foreign expatriates, this can be very peculiar especially when they find a general practitioner for normal illnesses. However, the fact is that Thailand has more specialists than general practitioners.

This fact speaks volumes of how attractive Thailand is for medical tourists. There’s a high demand for specialist services from Thailand’s neighbors. To answer that demand, much of Thailand’s healthcare professionals seek out specialist training either locally or abroad.

Thailand’s Healthcare Is Very Affordable

There’s no doubt about the high standard of Thailand’s healthcare system. However, further adding sugar to spice is the low cost of getting healthcare services in Thailand. Locals who are enrolled in the Universal Healthcare system typically receive their services for free at public hospitals.

For foreign expats, you can expect healthcare costs to be significantly lower than in any Western country. For example, data from Medical Tourism dot com show that a heart bypass surgery that costs $123,000 in the United States will cost the patient only $15,000 in Thailand. That’s nearly 90% difference!

Moreover, members of the Thailand Elite program can take advantage of free annual checkups and other medical perks during the course of their stay in the Kingdom.

If you want to know more about Thailand Elite and its benefits, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’ll be more than happy to talk to you about the program.


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