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Why There Is No Better Time Than Now to Apply For The Thailand Elite Visa

We all know that there’s a pandemic threatening not only Thailand, but the entire world, right now. However, we also recognise this as an opportunity to sign up for the Thailand Elite visa and become a member of the most innovative tourist enrolment program in the region.

We recognise that it may be difficult for those who are outside the country to secure membership. On the other hand, expatriates who are already staying in Thailand should realize that now is the best time to apply and become a holder of a Thailand Elite Visa.

Why Should I Sign Up In the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Being a member of Thailand Elite gives you a lot of perks that can help your stay convenient and comfortable even in the middle of this current pandemic. It does so by giving you access to services that are best for people who are planning to stay for the long term in Thailand.

With the current travel ban in place, you could expect to be in Thailand longer than you have initially planned. This is where the benefits of your membership will come into play.

Benefits of Membership into The Program

Here are some of the exclusive benefits that you can enjoy out of being a member of the Thailand Elite visa program:

A. Long-term validity

If you’ve stayed in Thailand since March, just before the country closed down the airports in response to the coronavirus, then you’re about due for your renewal of your visa with immigration.

Normally, you would’ve gone home and plan your next trip, but, with the ban in place, that is no longer possible. Alternatively, you would have to go to Bangkok and appear before the authorities to apply for an extension. That also has been rendered impractical by the travel ban. With Thailand Elite, however, you can stay beyond the 60-day and 90-day period, and up to a year without periodic exit requirements.

B. Elite Personal Assistance

Members have the option of availing the services of Elite Personal Assistants. They can help you with many concerns you may have to tackle during your stay in the Kingdom. For instance, you can seek the help of these PAs in the immigration authorities in Bangkok. If you’re unable to make the appearance yourself because of the travel ban, these Assistants can make the appearance for you and apply for the extension.

C. VIP Treatment for Arrivals and Departures

Immigration procedures upon arrival at the airport are a hassle. You have to line up with other tourists to be processed and be cleared. If you’ve visited Thailand during the peak season, you’d know how difficult this part is. As a member of the Thailand Elite program, however, you have the unrivalled advantage of being able to breeze through Immigration in a dedicated kiosk while other travelers will have to contend with the regular (and crowded) lanes.

D. Extendable to Family Members

If you’re planning to retire in Thailand for the long-term with your family, you have the option of extending your membership to your children and spouse as well. This will ensure that they enjoy the same perks as you do while on the Kingdom.

In addition to these benefits, you also get access to exclusive discounts when shopping or dining in participating businesses. You also have at your fingertips the affordable and high quality healthcare that Thailand has for its visitors.

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